Today Latest AI And AR Technology Is Challenging Beauty Testers

AR Technology

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]urrently, millions of people spend hours on trying new virtual hair try-on. Now we have come a long way from putting single hair extension and then trying to figure that what hairstyle will suit for birthday. Next, came time of selfie. During these times we all looked for best natural light and tried to pose for a nice selfie. Was it hard for you as well? Because of pimple, braces, or perhaps it is just your lips! So, even after snapping 20+ photos, you have to sit down and select that one miracle photo. All this and not to mention styling your hair for variety of looks. And, today experimenting with color of hair has opened up a plethora of new ways to dare yourself.

Nowadays technology has quite a lot of influence on individuals from all age groups. Now you don’t need to color your hair same as your favorite celebrity to see if it will work for you as well or not? All thanks to AR (augmented reality) that makes it possible to change hair color on one-tap. Virtually you can have try-on experience of variety of hair-styles and colors. Latest innovations are bringing multiple AR technology combined with (AI) Artificial Intelligence. Both AR and AI are powering applications to test out makeup products, skin-care products, nail polish, lip-gloss, and eye shadow with one-click of button.

Evolution Of Makeup Try-On Applications

Beauty experience has come long way. Many up-scale beauty brands are now teaming up with variety of application that offers a virtual experience. So, now instead of heading towards store for a new hairstyle or color try-out, you can directly visit the website. You can try different make-up, hair-do, and color shades, and have better visualization of how it would look in real. One of application that can offer you an amazing AR technology experience in YouCam Makeup. You can discover and experiment with variety of make-up, hair-do, and colors that are not possible through physical try-on. You can try 30 different hair-do in 30 seconds. Imagine that! With ease, speed, and accuracy you can discover your style to gain more confidence about your looks. Also, it will help make better decisions when it comes to making a purchase. Currently, virtual try-on application has boosted influence of big beauty brands. With unlimited try-on available on virtual applications – beauty brands can comfortably try-on their products from their home. Nowadays since physical testers are not available easily, application enables to make sure that perfect color shade is made before purchasing.

Virtual try-outs can help you to differentiate texture like matte, glossy, shine, and sheer. It is different than using a photo. AR application creates realistic representation of you with best lighting possible.

“Try Before You Buy” – The Future

Staying at home and working is going to be new normal. As per review by some of user, socially-distant experience of beauty of AR technology. The number of industries and businesses moving in direction of AR is sky-rocketing. As of now, shoppers cannot physically shop for product in a retail store. AR is amazing tool which is bring forward more accessibility and portability to users. There is an increase in traffic of virtual try-on experience and it is definitely here to stay.

Growing AI and AR technology during current situation can help you keep your beauty business afloat. YouCam is free to use applications and offers integrated virtual try-on. Beauty brands can go for one-on-one consultation as well as live stream beauty tutorials.

End Of In-store Testers

Today more and more folks are trying out AI and AR technology. As a result, in-store experience is slowly fading off. Due to health and hygiene concerns, it is hard to imagine individual coming out for testing. AR applications are now available on smartphones as well. They offer a complete digital tool for user to try new products.

Wrapping Up

Although in-store testing is part of complete shopping experience and this is now changing. Beauty brands are taking up responsibility to keep visitors engaged with new products via using new AR technology.