Top 10 SEO Inspired Fix For Your Brand and Business Website


[dropcap]C[/dropcap]urrently, there is a lot of things happening in SEO industry. On one hand, many new businesses have started leveraging SEO service, on other, many individuals feel that it is not working for them. Before you develop any biased perspective on SEO, keep reading to find out top 10 fixes that can help you boost your search
results. Believe it or not! SEO is an essential tool for e-commerce, online business, branding, and marketing. Performing SEO process is easy and simple. So, why don’t many individuals see results? Only because of one reason, SEO practice is a long-term strategy and it requires patience, consistency, and focus.

Basic list of 10 SEO inspired fix

  1. Your Website Vs. Google: First thing first, avoid going against flow of trends. One of major problems is that clients face is regarding their website. Simply their website won’t show up on GOOGLE. To fix this all you need to do is submit client’s website to GOOGLE. You can use GOOGLE search console for safe and quick submission. To check if website is indexed by GOOGLE or not, you can run a query. Type in “site: your website” into GOOGLE search bar and see if your client’s website is up.
  2. Webpage Indexing: Sometimes even if website is indexed by GOOGLE but some webpages are left out. One reason why SEO service is key to running good business is that it is challenging for laymen to know whether all webpages have been indexed or not? In such cases or challenges, SEO’ers helps clients in re-submission. You can create an XML sitemap and submit it to GOOGLE. It is an easy fix. Your XML sitemap contains all of URL on your website. It makes it easy for GOOGLE’s search engine to find out all webpages on your business website.
  3. Removing Webpages: How can removing pages can be a part of solution? Sometimes search engine index pages, even those which you don’t want to show up in results. Simply by creating a robots.txt file you can remove all those webpages. When creating robots.txt file includes all of pages on your website you don’t want to be appear in results. There is a plethora of reasons why it needs to be done. Such as you don’t want landing page and thank you pages.
  4. Target Keywords: One of the common problems with online businesses, brands, and websites is that their webpage won’t rank well for target keywords. It is keywords that help GOOGLE search engine to understand what, who, whom, how, etc. of your content. In other words, the fix is to add target keywords throughout your content. Your webpage must include target keywords throughout whole content. But, don’t overdo it.

    Four common areas where you can use keywords are: –
    a. Page heading
    b. Page Content
    c. Title Tags
    d. Meta descriptions

    Pro tip: Stick to core keywords for better results

  5. User Search Intent: Ok! Until now, we have indexed website, indexed webpages, removed those were not required, and have content with keywords. But still your website is not ranking. And, you are asking yourself why? In such case, it is best to evaluate search intent. Perhaps you need to revise your content as necessary. This process is called as content optimization. It not only helps in ranking and serves a key purpose of meeting user search intent too. While searching online users expect to see one thing on one page. If your website is not optimized then it is possible that users simply bounce-off your website. This increases the bounce rate and it is not good for your website or business.
  6. SEO Vs Images: Perhaps you might have already noticed an ‘alt text’ field when you post photos on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

    Adding alt text helpsuser in many ways, for starters:
    a. It directly helps visitors with visual impairment. They can use a screen reader to
    understand what is in that photo/post.
    b. It also helps crawlers and hence gives a boost to SEO (if done properly)
    c. Sometimes images don’t load, alt text can tell users what is supposed to be in that particular empty space.

  7. Internal Linking: It is another reason behind less traffic even when webpages are optimized. All your webpages need is some little boost. So, add some internal backlinks. You can use tools like Ahefs. It will help you to count-up webpages your website is currently pointing to. Also using internal linking is highly beneficial for creating a hierarchy of pages. The more links or direction your website can point to, the important it is and hence preferred by GOOGLE.
  8. Website Security: So, you got a “not secure” warning flashing for your website. Don’t worry, all you need is an SSL certificate. For better ranking and other purposes – website security is a must. It is important to have HTTPS in from your website instead of just HTTP. With proper security certification that helps you to encrypt data pass between your computer and service, you can easily protect your personal information.
  9. Website Speed: Do you know one second could cost $1.6 Billion in sales each year. Back in 2012, Amazon shared this information and it changed everything. If your website or webpages are loading very slowly then consider optimization. Page speed is an essential element for your website ranking. Also, page speed add-in to creating a better experience for users
  10. Avoid Error’s: Lastly, one common error is 404, you can get it on your webpage if it is facing trouble while loading. So, to fix this one ‘redirect’. No one likes to see a 404 error on the webpage. You have to take action, either go for deleting webpage or redirect old URLs to new URLs. Also, you can use tools like screaming frog.

Wrapping Up

One of best ways to get out of every possible hassle of website, webpage, online business, branding, and marketing is to contact an expert. Aforementioned is a basic list of fix you can do on your website for different issues. For quick SEO analysis and website optimization again determine whether it is right time to go for an expert service. Use these SEO tips today.