Top 3 Areas To Focus On Right Now To Balance SEO And COVID – 19

SEO and COVID-19

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]uring lockdown phase, we have time in our hands to explore different dimensions of business and entrepreneurship. There are unique things to try and goals to achieve. It is no time to slow down but to rise up against global uncertainty. Best challenging times can be properly handling tools of empathy and compassion for
customers and clients. We all are in it and therefore as an enterprise, we much take care of each and every dimension which can potentially affect our workforce. If we go back in history, one can easily find out during critical economic times, SEO’ers offered key insights to businesses and brands to balance SEO And COVID – 19. Currently, for brands and businesses, their entire supply chain is affected. Starting from manufacturing facilities locked down due to official order, no customer service and no demand from customers as well. Today, media consumption is spiked, and
millions of people are digging into internet to find credible/useful information. It requires proper time management skills to keep yourself fit, keeping inventory checks and working from home while being a good parent all along. Small-medium scale business owners have to find out entirely new ways to go about day-to-day activities. In other words, many pivot strategies need to be replaced or reconsidered. Needless to mention, paid search budgets are being completely halted.

Effective Channelling

A key to efficiently run along global shift from real-time events to digital-only event lies in finding effective channels. Also, there is demand for enormous volume of content that is being created and pushed to customers/consumers. No doubt it is time to be agile and get into position of short-term wins while keeping balanced approach to protect brand in long-term. Keep reading and find out three key areas where SEO’ers need to immediately focus on.

  1. People: First things first, a lot of businesses and organizations must do what they did before remote work environment. It is essential to have flexible scheduling since whole company now has to go remote-only. Many employees can feel a lack of connection and self-isolation can take its toll on work-life balance. There are teams
    who functioned well together in office now have to force themselves to learn all-new things including new methods of communication. Also, there is big learning in problem-solving skills, collaboration, and productivity. Believe it or not! But you can support your employee and customer at once by ensuring remote work policies are both empathetic and change as per need of hour. It is possible that regularly scheduled meetings might not work, so ensure that each employee has proper tools to work remotely as a stand-alone unit.

Dedicated Social Channels

One way is to assign each team in charge to find out dedicated channel for socializing, discussing and meeting. Everyday many people use ZOOM application and with its popularity, it has also attracted many hackers. Remember, there are many people to connect with and depending on one platform can be completely devastating.

Town Halls

It is essential to set up an open room online/team group where colleagues can come together and collaborate. But it is also important to make it clear that these groups are not chat rooms, and everyone is expected to go on mute except speaker. This structure will allow employee to take breaks together and run ideas with face-to-face
interaction. These are simple keys to building professional relationships.

Physical And Mental Health Benefits

Another key to having a great work-from-home and life balance is to encourage employees to take care of physical/mental health. You can put a team member in charge of organizing group video activities at different times to do light stretching or low-impact physical activities. You can also make a video at home and upload it on YOU TUBE, and then ask everyone to view it. Ensure to find more ways to support mental and physical health of your colleagues and employees.

Expertise Of Your SEO and Content

SEO’s and content writers have skills/knowledge to make fine-tuned content for variety of channels. Making your channel completely user-friendly will help you easily set up a measurement system. These systems can revolutionize your delivery and remote working. Investing in your employee’s success today will definitely pay off for upcoming years.

Be Respectful To Employee’s Time

Only hold meeting when absolutely necessary, or when you have to make some major decisions.

  1. Process: Variety of industries have started to roll down on different landscapes. There are raving trends of best practices which have served many people well. Although everything is changing now and many things are quickly becoming irrelevant. Companies are moving and adapting to new agile processes to handle critical data. From SEO’ers professional perspective it is right time to audit search data. First, it is essential to understand changing curve of customer’s needs and search for new indicators you have at this point. You can follow up for indicators on across channels, devices, networks, and platforms. They are filled with clues as to how consumers are changing their priorities.Capturing insights is crucial at this point in time, as it will be going to guide your process, product and even change your priorities. Keeping that in mind, here are few specific sections where you must absolutely focus, starting today (if not already): – a. Marketing Budget: Another key to making best of lockdown period is by taking out time to evaluate your complete marketing budget. It is time to analyse and prepare for upcoming months. Although many people who say it is too soon, the rate at which businesses are changing, it is just the right time to begin.

Top-Mid Funnel Content

Direct responses and bottom-funnel – keep them aside for this duration (depending on industry). It is time to follow the E-A-T algorithm to create and showcase expertise, authority, and trust. Also, you need to focus on top-and-mid funnel content. Start off by having a clear workflow and developing strategies to overcome common challenges. Ensure that your employees know how to tackle common issues and where to look for answer when it comes to unique issues. Next, prioritize your deliverable, and stay positive. More importantly, be responsive content strategies are living and breathing things. To keep up with them you need to be responsive.

  1. Platform: The future is in identifying and augmenting human performance. Upcoming AI-power technologies will be able to accurately count quality and accuracy of data. Presently, you need to make decision on marketing and SEO, and further recommend course of action. Try to automate right process, instead of only automating redundant tasks. SEO’s need to execute best practices when it comes to optimization to highlight new opportunities as well as customer education.

Wrapping Up

It is time to keep with key insights, and leveraging understanding of new facts to speed up decision-making. You can take advantage of AI-power technology, execute optimization in real-time, using AI Chat assistant and become voice of your customer. A new shift demands and evolving strategies to build to last.