Top 7 Tips and Trick From Expert Dermatologist On Using Sunscreens


[dropcap]C[/dropcap]urrently, using sunscreen is as important as wearing a face mask. If not more, this is basic treatment you could give to yourself. Apply SPF even when you are inside home. Since there is not hard as fast rule about it, but protection from harmful UV rays remains key goal. To solve mystery of how many times should sunscreen be applied keep reading and find out more about what dermatologists say about using sunscreen.

Truth Behind Sunscreen

  1. Sunscreen Matters: First thing first, sunscreen matter for both indoors and outdoors. Although you can skip applying sunscreen when performing indoor activities, many individuals find that even when performing indoor activities there is chance of accidental sun damage. That is why dermatologists recommend daily sunscreen application. This way you can stay protected always.
  2. Application Area: Sunscreen must be worn on face, ears as well as on neck and back of your neck. You can also apply sunscreen on hands in case you are not sweating. It is highly recommended to apply sunscreen first thing in morning.
  3. SPF 30: Dermatologists always recommended SPF 30. Why? Because SPF 30 is proven to provide sufficient amount of protection to your skin and it minimize adverse effect of sunlight. SPF 30 is perfectly diluted and provides a safety net on skin that protects it for longest period of time.
  4. Reapplying Routines: Ideally, sunscreen must be applied every 4-5 hours. In case, you have swimming or in case you sweat heavily then reapply it shorter period of time. One of best times to apply sunscreen is just before stepping out of home. Cover all exposed skin area, and apply thin layer of face and body.
  5. Mineral Sunscreen: Sunscreen contains variety of ingredients. Some of them are very useful for example minerals. Mineral sunscreen formula includes zinc, titanium, and other natural ingredients. Apply sunscreen on surface helps in deflecting the harmful UV rays.
  6. Clothes: Sun protection requires sunscreen but ensure to wear sun-protective clothing, hat, and sunglasses. Protecting yourself for UV exposure could help you reduce premature aging as well as skin cancer.
  7. Your lips: Lastly, people always overlook importance of their lips. Everyone needs a lip balm with SPF. Select your products very carefully to make sure you make a right choice.

Wrapping Up

Aforementioned is top and effective way to use sunscreen cream. It is essential to wear some every day. Keeping up with your sunscreen routine while working from home could be the next best thing. Although it might sound like a lot to do that the way forward.