Top News: Indian Software Engineer Becomes US Citizen

Software Engineer
Sudha Sundari Narayanan (seen in a saree), from India, was among those sworn in.ceremony at the White House where five immigrants, including a software developer from India.

In a rare naturalization ceremony, US President Donald Trump at White House confers citizenship to five immigrants. The immigrants were from India, Bolivia, Lebanon, Sudan, and Ghana. During the ceremony in the White House, firstly all immigrants stood in a line. With their right hand raised and a US flag in their left hand; they administered the Oath Of Allegiance.

Among five was an Indian software engineer, Sudha Sundari Narayanan. She migrated to the US around 13 years ago.

In the ongoing ceremony, President Donald Trump said:

“Sudha is a talented software developer and she and her husband are raising two beautiful, wonderful children “the apple of your life”. Thank you very much”.

Adding to it, he said, they had followed the rules, obeyed the laws, learned the nation’s history, and embraced American Values. In short! They proved themselves to men and women of the highest integrity.

Sudha Sundari Narayanan, an Indian software engineer, was among those confirmed as American residents. Trump said the recently sworn-in American residents followed the principles, complied with the laws, learned the country’s history, grasped American qualities and demonstrated themselves to be people of the most noteworthy uprightness.

“Sudha is a gifted software engineer and she and her better half are bringing up two excellent, magnificent kids “an incredible apples’. Thanks much and congrats. Incredible work.

The ceremony comes when the whole US is preparing for the presidential election scheduled in November.

Watch The Naturalization Ceremony At The White House On Youtube