‘Top Stats’ 10th Gen Kindle Edition For E-book Readers In 2020

Kindle Edition

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 10th Gen

Looking for something light and easy-to-carry, something that can help you read your favorite e-book on the go? If yes, then Paperwhite 10th Gen makes sense. This kindle is water-resistant, and offers 8 GB storage space along with 300ppi screen. Overall, its battery life is good. Kindle 10th gen works on adaptive brightness. It can be your next best friend for years to come.


Amazon Kindle 10th edition has become very successful. Although in first look it is easy to overlook the difference new edition gives twice as much storage space. Also, it is waterproof.

Look And Feel

The latest kindle edition (10th Gen) is sleek and stylish. The device comes with plastic back and rubber finish for a better grip. The front of the device is a 6-inch display surrounded by thick borders. In short, it is easier to hold it for prolonged reading time. Since it is light in weight, the display feels like that it can stand a few falls and scratches.

Pro Tip; In case you want to use your Kindle for a long time consider getting a cover case.


The Kindle offers you a superb e-ink display. It is display that attracts most of the users in the first place. Bright and crisp display with 300ppi pixel density along with 5 LED’s creates an enjoyable reading experience. You can easily adjust brightness manually as per your eye comfort. Kindle brightness does not hurt your eyes even if you are reading in the dark. Perhaps the thing you will like about it is its responsive touchscreen. Kindle comes with a QWERTY keyboard layout. You can directly search for a book, enter a Wi-Fi password, or search for a particular word in your book.

User Interface

Kindle (10th Gen) offers you a more home-like feeling. At home screen you can look at three books along with a row of recommendations. On one-tap you can browse entire library of Amazon Kindle Books.

Battery Life

E-book readers, you can expect some long-lasting battery life. Kindle can go weeks with one full recharge. Depending on brightness, you can use Kindle for 3-4 weeks with one recharge.

Wrapping Up

In case you look to read books, and you have a good sense of keep devices safe then Kindle is for you. You can choose from a variety of options available online. Compare prices before making an order, so that you bring home your device with joy. Lastly, Kindle in one of the amazing devices, honestly paper-white is the way to go.