Top UN Official Says: India Has Projects To Build Country Better Post-COVID

India has generational projects to build forward better
Big news coming from New York. Firstly, Indian government’s plan to connect over six lakh villages. Certainly leveraging technology of optical fibre network to strengthen ‘generational projects’. Moreover, India ready to build forward better post-COVID. The current focus is on inclusion and leapfrogging access to information and services.
On 74th Independence Day, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a project. This includes connecting over six lakh villages with optical fibre networks. The projected completion target is 1,000 days.
In an interview on Wednesday, UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner told PTI –
I welcome the Prime Minister’s announcement on Fibre optic cable connectivity. It is precisely, in the crisis, that we need a generational project of that magnitude. Also, to not only be conceived but to actually be implemented and financed. They are the investment in the “Build Forward Better” in the recovery strategy. (post-COVID).
“They are by their very nature focused on inclusion on the poor. Because it is by connecting the villages that we enable people to leapfrog generational access to information and service”. He added.
Furthermore, Steiner mentioned that India has an extraordinary dynamic digital finance industry. This combined with public policy and government role could bring better changes.
He adds:
We consider India as one of the frontier countries.” Software development plays a role in linking the possibility of technology – hardware and software”
Some of the work we’re doing with Indian Private sectors. There are projects in public sector institutions, including the NITI Aayog. This helps in understanding how that horizon can be expanded very quickly is something that we truly appreciate.
Steiner repeatedly expressed UNDP’s strong interest in working with India. He added that digital finance dramatic potential for transformative impact. A digital transformation would enable the government to support people in need. The upcoming years crucial for India.