Trump Calls His COVID-19 Infection ‘Gift From God’, Says China Will Pay ‘Enormous Price’ For Pandemic

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New Delhi

US President Donald Trump has now called COVID contamination “a gift from God”
since it taught him about expected medications to treat the infection.

In a video message to the country, he once again proceeded to blame China for the COVID-19 pandemic,
adding that it will address a major cost for what they have done to the world.

In a video message Trump said, “Firstly, I will get it for you what I got. And, I will make it free. You won’t pay for it. It’s not your deficiency this occurred,
it was China’s shortcoming and China will follow through on a major cost for what they did to this nation,
and what they have done to this world,”.

Donald Trump got back to the White House in the wake of withdrawing from Walter Reed National Medical Center on Monday,
four days after going through crisis therapy for the novel COVID.

trump news today
trump news today


When he arrived at the White House,
he removed his cover notwithstanding his primary care physician’s alert
who said that Trump was not totally “free and clear yet”.

Trump announced no manifestations of COVID-19,
White House doctor Dr. Sean Conley had additionally affirmed late Tuesday.

Prominently, Trump and First Lady Melania had tested positive for Covid-19 a few days back. The President had reported their conclusion utilizing Twitter.

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