US Presidential Election: Trump Ready To Return To Public Events

Donald Trump
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Firstly, US President Donald Trump completes his course of COVID-19 treatment.
Certainly, his physician shares – He can return to public engagement by the upcoming weekend.

Dr. Sean Conley adds – Mr. President is extremely well. His health remains stable.

Later Mr. Trump shares that he would take another COVID test on Friday. The US President Election 2020 rally to hold over the weekend.


Mr. President pulled out the next debate with rival Joe Biden.

Moreover, he adds that he would not waste any more time on virtual debates. The organizer suggests a remote environment(virtual) for Mr. Trump because his test results were positive.

Mr. President’s decision on not to go with “virtual debate” sparked a row about how the upcoming debate would take place.

Mr. Trumps Health

In a recent memo, released by the White House.
Dr. Conley said Mr. Donald Trump displays no sign of progression of the illness. Upcoming Saturday will be day 10. Based on the trajectory of advanced diagnostic, Mr. President is safe to return to public engagements.

Furthermore, Dr. Conley shares that Mr. President’s condition stayed stable throughout the complete week.

Late Thursday

Mr. Trump shares that he is feeling really good and hoped to hold a campaign rally on the upcoming Saturday evening.

Commission on Presidential debates announces candidates would be taking part in Miami debate on October 15. Participants would debate from a separate remote location – to protect the health and safety of all.

This clashed with Mr. President’s statement who shared he was not prepared to sit behind a computer.

On the other hand, Mr. Biden shared that Trump changes his mind every second. Also, he adds that clearly, Trump does not want to face questions from the voters. So, the Biden team proposed a town-hall-style debate.
The debate is scheduled for October 22nd in Miami.

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