Trump’s Brief Outing From Hospital To “Surprise Supporters” Criticised

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Firstly, President Donald Trump unexpectedly left the hospital.

He’s treated for Covid-19.


Donald Trump greets supporters, waving to them in a bid to demonstrate strength while yearning to return to the campaign trail.

Trump said, he now he knows a lot about the coronavirus [while undergoing treatment].

Doctors gave an upbeat assessment of his health.

Certainly, Donald Trump recuperates from the virus infection.

Yet new disclosures about his treatment raise concern that his condition is more serious than what the American public knows.

Brian Garibaldi, a member of the medical team and a pulmonary expert at Johns Hopkins University.

Added – we hope that we can plan for discharge as early as tomorrow to the White House.

On Sunday evening

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany told reporters –

President Donald Trump first tested positive after he returned from a fundraiser at his New Jersey golf resort on Thursday.

“I’m not giving a detailed readout of his testing.

We know that in many patients who do get very sick,

and the division of geographic medicine and infectious diseases at Tufts Medical Center in Boston.

At Sunday’s briefing

Conley said that Trump’s blood-oxygen saturation level dropped twice

the president’s medical team decided after some debate to administer dexamethasone,

a steroid used to treat inflammation in COVID patients.

Asked about X-rays and CT scans of the president’s lungs,

there were some expected findings but nothing “of any major clinical concern.

Conley said that his blood-oxygen saturation restored to about 95%

after about a minute of supplemental oxygen at the White House. The president remained on oxygen for less than an hour,

and he hasn’t needed the treatment or seen a recurrence of fever since Friday.

When President Trump gets to the White House and out on the campaign trail that it’s going forward. But

National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien, who came down with the virus earlier and has recovered,

was more cautious, underscoring that it’s too soon to know how Donald Trump will fare.