Ultimate Guide On Different Types of Military Tactical Knives

Military Tactical Knives

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]est category of high-quality tactical knives would include a plethora of different knives. Actually, tactical knives are a category specially designed to serve on purpose and that is self-defence. Today army ranger knife or military tactical knife is also known by the name of combat knife. Best combat knives in the world are often designed to serve several different purposes. Typically, combat knives have a rugged appearance.

Nowadays, you can buy military tactical knives with fixed blade or folding blade. Choice of your survival knife depends upon individual to individual. Speaking of soldier – they use fixed-blade combat knife. Although a few might also choose folding knife as well – as their second knife. Otherwise, most civilians would prefer to carry folding tactical knife.

During you first step to choose a tactical knife, it is highly recommended to prefer a fixed blade knife. You can also choose from short length – to – long length blade type. Some of the other factors that also affect user purchases are material. You can buy special forces knives made from steel, and other materials, for example, silver.

Buyers-First Guide

Before choosing tactical knives, or any other survival knife makes sure to consider design of your blade. So, once you choose from fixed or foldable blade then next choose your blade design. Then research about blade length, blade steel, handle design and handle materials. Check-out description of each factor now:

  1. Fixed Vs. Folding Blade: – First things first, while making a selection decide whether you prefer fixed blade or folding one. Both blade type has its own advantages and disadvantages.
    For example:
    Fixed-blade knives come with tangs. This feature actually enables a bladesmith to affix either guard or bolsters – hence preventing user hand to accidentally slide forward onto the blade. Fixed blades are inherently stronger and at same time it can bit difficult to conceal it. On other hand, folding knives functions and features are totally opposite. You can actually fold these knives into half. Folding tactical knives often lacks extend tangs and they are less strong as compared to fixed-blade knife. But you can easily conceal one right into your trouser pocket.
  2. Blade Length: There is another factor that you need to consider while selecting your tactical knife and that is its length. So, let’s say you consider longer tactical knife now it will give you longer tactical range. In other words, you will be able to reach greater distances. But longer blade can be heavier as well. Carrying heavier blade means it will be slower to use and also bit harder to manage during close combats. Also, it can be difficult to conceal longer blades. Other than that, we have shorter balder which is quick and easy to conceal. Furthermore, shorter blades are also lighter to carry and they can be used in close combats. But they have shorter range.
  3. Design: The handle design matters, it is very important to choose your knife with ergonomic handle design. It is essential that you knife handle design comes with good grip and it should have size that fits your hand. Many people choose knives facing upwards in self-defence while others prefer a knife blade pointing down.
  4. Handle Material: Next, you should research about handle materials as well. Currently, you can find handle material from two major categories, for example, natural handles and synthetic handles. Natural Handle includes stag antlers, exotic hardwoods, etc. Otherwise, synthetics handles are made from Kirinite, and Delrin, etc.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays it is easy, simple and affordable to order new military tactical knives and tools online. You can visit a plethora of different platforms then browse from selection to purchase one that actually fits your requirement. You can easily compare prices of different knives online. So, what are you waiting for? Make your order today.