Ultimate Guide To Building Your Own Workout Routine During Lockdown

Workout Routine

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]urrently, millions of individuals suffer from one common problem – backpain. Although, list of aches and pain is endless, but there is only one solution. Exercise, workout, yoga, martial arts – you name it, all of these are technique to build flexible body and stronger mind. As per search data, many people look for daily workout routines, diet, and supplements to take. How many actually workout? Well, that’s a mystery. Some people drop out from workout because of time issues, other because they are lazy. There could be plethora of reasons. Those who are willing – they mostly focus on building their own workout routine. No doubt here, a tailored workout routine is best and yield amazing results. Are you looking for steps to build your own winner workout? Yes! Keep reading and find out easy-to-follow steps. Using these steps, you can build a workout routine that is custom-made according to your body type and goals.

Introduction: “Getting Into Shape” Routine

Before getting started it is essential to build some benchmark for yourself. How to do it? Simply, ask yourself questions, such as,
– Do you want to lose weight/ or bulk?
– How much time can give to work-out?
– Where would you work-out? Gym, home, park?

Once you begin answering question, use a pen and a paper to write down you each goal. Now in second column write down your ‘motivation’ to achieve each goal. At first, finding motivation can be easy, but you need a motivation that sticks with you for a long-time. Choosing motivation will determine your results.

Keep It Simple

One of best workout routine includes a schedule which is simple to stick to. In other words, that has exercises that are not complicated. Involving too many exercises can be exhausting, unnecessary, and inefficient. You can create a better result by doing five exercises properly instead of doing ten with low-efficiency. For beginner’s here are top five exercises to choose:

  1. Core
  2. Biceps, and grip
  3. Shoulder and Chest (you can include triceps as well)
  4. Hamstrings
  5. Quads

If you target compound movement, targeting multiple muscles in one exercise, then you can build an easy routine.

Further breakdown: –

  1. Core – Planks, side planks, and hanging leg raise.
  2. Biceps and Grip – Chin-ups, pulldowns, and bent-over rows.
  3. Shoulder and chest – Incline dumbbell press, overhead press, and push-ups.
  4. Hamstrings – Hip raise, step-ups, and deadlifts.
  5. Quads – Box jumps, squats, and lunges.

Pro Tip: Pick on one exercise from each category to make a daily routine. Once you feel confident in each exercise, feel free to add some variety.

Sets Vs Reps

It is time to end this debate, many people have faced similar situation and same questions. How many sets of exercise should I do? How many reps should I make? Here is one solution that worked for millions of people around world.
a. Do 3-5 sets/exercise
b. Include 8-10 reps/set

Note: If you in this for burning fat while building muscle then range your reps from 8-15 per set.

Regular Breaks

If you are reading this then it means you are determined, smart, funny and a modest person. Using a basic formula, you can easily calculate ‘wait time’ based on your current level of health and fitness. Remember, resting is part of bodybuilding/ weight loss. But key is to rest in a balanced way, if you rest too much – your body will lose energy. On other hand, if you rest too little, you won’t be able to complete your repetitions. Here is a general breakdown: –

  1. Power Lifts (1 – 3 reps): Rest for 4-5 minutes.
  2. Strength Lift (4 – 7 reps): Rest For 3-4 minutes.
  3. Size Lift (8 – 12 reps): Rest for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Endurance lift (13+ reps): Long rest.

Pro Tip: Record your time of exercise and rest.

Weight Setting

Determining weight is key to effective bodybuilding/weight loss. Learn how to change weight setting through sets. During first few weeks if you find weight to be ‘too light’ or ‘too heavy’ then you are on right track, buddy. Everyone learns from trial and error. In case, you are doing exercise with your body weight then ensure to increase difficulty of exercise.

Duration Setting

How long your workout should go for? Generally, an exercise routine goes from 45min – hour. For 3-5 sets which are approximately 15-25 total exercise then 45 minutes is good. You can add warmup, and cardio to increase workout length. In case you don’t have 45 minutes then do the best you can.

h2>Circuit Training Workouts

One of most effective ways to burn fat faster is circuit training. You can consistently do cardiovascular exercise. And, add cross-fit workouts to intensify your training.There are two things to understand: –

A. Supersets: Start with a set of squats, then wait one minute. Next, do a set of dumbbell presses, take one-minute rest and repeat squats, and so on. A superset includes two very different muscle groups. So, you can exercise one muscle while other rest.

Superset example:
a. Lunges (4 sets with one-minute rest)
b. Deadlift (4 sets with one-minute rest)
c. Plank (3 sets)

B. Circuit Training: This is essentially doing every exercise one after another without stopping for breaks.

Work-Out Days

Many people start straight-off working 7-days a week training. Going on 7-days may decrease your productivity, for starter your muscle won’t get build. Muscle building is a process that includes breaking down muscle. Only to rebuild it stronger. If you are just starting out then go to gym on Monday-Wednesday-Friday. By giving proper rest to your body, you’ll stay injury-free and get stronger.

Pro Tip: Program your workout into Google Calendar.

Tracking and Recording

A workout journal can do wonders. Your journal can help you stay stronger, perform faster, and perform better each day. You can use a hardcopy or user EVERNOTE to maintain a digital copy of your workout.

Avoid overcomplicating it:
a. Note down date, sets, reps, and weight
b. Compare from previous day.
c. Focus on getting stronger
d. Repeat.

Wrapping Up

While building your workout from scratch, take time to build a workout routine that suits your body type and time. You can always share your plan with gym instructor. Check-out our online resource on health and fitness including at-home exercise routines.