Ultimate Guide To Plan Your Very First And Exciting Bike Trip

Bike Trip

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]eware, one single successful bike trip could change your whole life. Currently, thousands of individuals around the globe are waiting for complete unlocking. Thrilling turns and exciting journeys await courageous bikers. Exploring road less traveled could be a rewarding experience.

Keep reading and find out ultimate guide to plan your first bike trip: –

  1. Choosing Motorbike:

    First things first, to make motorbike riding an unforgettable journey it is essential to choose a comfortable ride. In other words, if you are planning to go off-road, choose certain modifications. Depending on your route ensure you do a pro-active talk to mechanic and get recommendations. Long trips require change in handlebar, seat, lighting, and crash guard. Also, you might want to improve headlights and tires.

  2. Protective clothing:

    Next, dress to ride. When planning for a long journey, ensure to have dedicated riding pants, jacket, boots, sunglasses, elbow/knee guards, and also quality helmet. Avoid compromising on safety, and always keep it your topmost priority.

  3. Bike Servicing:

    Whether you are planning your first bike trip or second, ensure that your motorbike is serviced. Bike servicing could reduce risk of breakdown on route. It would also give you much required peace of mind. Clean your bike along with services, it will work more efficiently and look much better. A clean motorcycle could save you a lot of money when it comes to going on a long trip.

  4. Pack Essentials:

    Avoid packing everything, keep it light but ensure you carry essentials. Take a moment to become mindful of things/stuff you would need. Always keep a first aid kit, portable water filter, paper map, and GPS. Recycle everything that could be recycled.

  5. Stay Hydrated:

    One of best pieces of advice to follow would be taking regular breaks from riding. Long-hauls of bike ride could be exhausting for anyone. Therefore, it essential to drink water, make a pit stop every hour and half to regain your energy.
    Pro Tip: Carry your own water and lite snack. Whenever your body needs rest, take break.

  6. Essential Tools:

    Each bike carries a local tool kit. Ensure you contact local mechanic and identify usual pasts in bike, key, clutch, fuse, accelerator, cable, headlight, and plugs. Riding a motorcycle is not equal to driving car. However, road rules are same for everyone, hence it is essential to self-educate about traffic laws. Learning about different traffic signs could help you reduce the amount of fatalities/accidents. Here, is couple of tips to follow:>

a. Wearing Protective Helmet: To protect your head from chilling wind, to eliminate extra sound and to avoid head injuries, it is essential to wear protective gear.
b. Appropriate Gear: In second step, ensure that you use protective gear and clothing. Good clothing is essential for a good ride, believe it or not! You don’t want to ride on mountains with casual clothing or ride long-stretch in loose clothes.
c. Traffic Rules: By all means travel with security and follow traffic rules. In short! Obey the local speed limit.
d. Ride Defensively: Perhaps it one tip that would make you reach your destination with complete comfort and safety.
e. Self-Education: Before moving on longer rides always sharpen your street-riding strategies. There is plethora of formal riding education programs available both online and offline. Get licensed and take riding course from time to time.
f. Ride Sober: In other words, stay aware of your surroundings. Never drink and drive. In case you feel fatigued or drowsiness, take rest and resume your ride only when you feel better once again.

Wrapping Up

Before going on a bike ride, prepare for a ride. Both motorcycle and you should be fit for riding. It is best to hit a road little early. Ensure performing last check on tires, headlights, taillights, signals hydraulic, and coolants. Once you have mounted your motorcycle check clutch, throttle, mirror, brakes, and horn.