Ultimate List Of Vitamins For Individuals Who Are Traveling This Year

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]ravelling is exciting and filled with adventures. Ironically, travelling can be tiring as well. For beginners, it can be stressful, and you can end up becoming travelling zombie. Vitamins can be essential for travelling. Proper supplement can be healthy and help you relax. Routine supplement is essential to make your travel better and more enjoyable. So, depending on type of vacation you are going and location, you can build a timetable for supplement intake. Vacation should be relaxing and rejuvenating. But in case you are going to area where you might have to eat unfamiliar foods then it is highly recommended to add probiotics. This way you can have fun and support your digestion. Keep reading and find out best vitamin and supplement to take while travelling.

List of Vitamins and supplements: –

  1. Vitamin B: First one first, taking vitamin B will give you a boost to immune system. It will arm-up your energy. In case you are planning to drink alcohol during your travel then it is best to add vitamin B intake to your diet.
  2. Probiotics: There are plethora of ways to derail from a vacation – one of it is an upset stomach. Doctors recommend bringing probiotics on travel where you are planning to try new food. Probiotic is essential, it supports digestion and aid health during travelling. Probiotics support gut health and prevent you from foodborne illness.
  3. Milk Thistle: No, it is not a dairy product. If you are stocking up Vitamin B and planning a booze-heavy trip then don’t forget acetaminophen. It is a liver herb and will support it on your travel.
  4. Adaptogens: So, you are travelling for work, and last thing you need on your tour is stress. You can carry Rhodiola or Ashwagandha can come handy. These magic herbs can help you deal with stress and to gain your balance back. Travelling can become hectic, ensure that you can order then 3-4 weeks earlier. Why? Travelling can be stressful both at beginning and end. So, continue it at least for one week of coming back.
  5. Elderberry: Traveling includes planes, trains and automobiles. A lot of people get sick during their tour because they come in contact with new bacteria and virus. Well, taking elderberry will help you boost your immune system. Elderberry has antioxidant that can build immunity.
  6. Vitamin D: Although you need no pill of Vitamin D, you would definitely need SPF. Vitamin sun is immune-system-bosting. Also, it is a threat to skin cancer. So, do you need to balance your baking time? Enjoy sun without SPF can be a threat to your skin. That is why it is good idea to bring a supplement with you.
  7. Magnesium: Away from home, sleep can be hard. A little extra magnesium can help you to regulate your digestion, and help you sleep. Individuals who have low magnesium also experience restless sleep. Maintaining magnesium level can help you get sound sleep.
  8. Theanine: Relax and theanine goes together. The amino acid found in green tea can give you a pleasant and relaxing feeling. Tea contains theanine and it reduces stress so you feel more relaxed.
  9. Licorice Root: Lastly, Licorice root has plenty of benefits. For starters, it can help you feel more awake. These roots regulate adrenal glands, that further regulates adrenaline and cortisol. Licorice root can help you produce those hormones.

Wrapping Up

Leaving on a trip? Perhaps an office tour? Believe it or not! But it is going to be a good idea to take all these vitamins and other supplements. While planning your trip ensure you have a small kit and timetable of your supplements.