Ultra-Reviews: Is WP Engine Actually Worth All Its Cost In Market?

WP Engine

Preparing to launch your very own and special first blog? If yes, then do consider all new and powerful WordPress platform. This platform offers a lot of features to bloggers. In other words, there is a lot of advantage of using WordPress platform. Also, using WordPress is affordable and easy. One of best features provided by this platform is its latest WP Engine. Using WP Engine, you can successfully manage web hosting and build websites. But WP Engine is worth all this hype? It is really worth spending money on it? Keep reading to take a closer look at WP Engine. 

Managed WordPress Hosting

WP Engine was founded in 2010. It helps in creating and managing website using WordPress. If you are not using WordPress then WP Engine is not for you. Moreover, there are regular shared hosting plans, managed WordPress Hosting, plugin management and website performance – overall if you are a blogger then you don’t need to worry about tools. While other website hosts offer somewhat similar hosting services, WP Engine stands out because of many reasons. For example, it offers specialized tools to bloggers including caching, security and support. 

Website Performance 

One of reasons why WP engine is biggest seller in market as compared to other traditional shared hosting options is because of its optimization capabilities. In other words, WP Engine is intelligent solution. It offers you real-time data about your website performance. Also, you can see analytics to make sure that your latest tweaks are working correctly. 

WP Engine Plans  

So instead of choosing hosting type, for example, Shared or VPS, another way is to choose your plan as per unique needs. With WP Engine, making a purchase is easy and simple, you can choose to pay only for the service you want to use. In simple words, you can select best option depending upon size of your website and expected traffic. All of WP Engine Plans comes with: –

1. Genesis Framework and 35+ StudioPress Themes

2. Multiple Environments 

3. Global CDN

4. Automated SSL certificates 

Basic – Getting Start Plan 

First one first, it is entry-level plan to start with basic for small websites or blogs. Your basic WP Engine plan includes: –

1. Support 25k visits per month

2. 10 GB of local storage

3. 50 GB of bandwidth per month

4. Support one blog and website

Moving Up: Growth Plan 

If you are looking to grow your blog, and you want something mid-range plan then it is highly recommended to go for Growth Plan. 

1. Support 100k visits per month. 

2. 20 GB of local storage

3. 200 GB of bandwidth per month

4. Support for five blogs or websites. 

Best Value: Scaled Solution

It is an expensive pre-packed solution offering: –

1. Support For Up to 400k visits per month 

2. 30 GB of local storage 

3. 400 GB of bandwidth per month

4. Support for 15 blogs or websites 

Custom Solutions 

Do you need more? There is plan that is designed for large business and mission-critical sites. Rest assure you get dedicated environment and high performance. This option brings to you:

1. Millions of visits per month 

2. Need between 100GB – 1TB of storage

3. 400GB of bandwidth per month 

4. Support up to 25 blogs and websites

Free Premium Themes

There is a massive opportunity available for all WP Engine customers. WP engine is powerful and offers unique themes for your blogs. It comes with plethora of variety of hosting plans as well as over 35 StudioPress themes and does not charge extra for plugins.