Unique 3-Step Content Strategy That Includes Storytelling, USP’s and Sales

Content Strategy
USP Unique Selling Proposition words on a guage or measurement tool measuring your level of special or different skills and abilities

Blog strategies varies from one digital marketing agency to another. Everyone has their own idea of how create content. But unfortunately, many clients get only, what they called ‘cookie-cutter’ strategies. Imagine this! Some bloggers create content for a company as they would create it for their personal use! This could turn out to be a terrible mistake.

First things first, you must decide your focus and goals of business/personal brand. Whether your client’s mission is to build value over 10-year or convert potential customers, perhaps it is to highlight a product to one-time buyers? For these clients, you will need an extremely skilful and different strategy. Don’t worry, although all business might seem different there is one approach which will work on any client.

This one approach includes three different tactics, and together they can bring forward an amazing quality of audience. First, you need to learn about ‘Storytelling”, or “SEO-based storytelling”, which is creating SEO-optimized content. Next, you need to buy USP (unique selling points) in the mix and then blend in sales. Believe it or not! It is not as complex as it might sound. Business growth required content focus and scaling.

It is when business scale, product/service, and core value evolve. And, this is what is reflected in a blog. So, by using simple 3-step strategy you will be able to not only evolve your business but also your clients.

Step 1: Storytelling Tactics

Kick-off with intentional storytelling, keep it as a base-layer. Many people keep focusing on SEO side of things- this includes creating content that is based on keywords. These types of content usually build around searcher’s intent. There are three types of searcher’s intended outcome: –

  1. Informational: What is history of Mahatma Gandhi
  2. Navigational: Websites on Mahatma Gandhi
  3. Transactional: Books By Mahatma Gandhi For Sale

Designing a blog around keywords and searcher intent is key to build a good brand. Unfortunately, many people forget about most important element of a blog – which is storytelling. This vital element can noise-out your voice of blog. Reducing noise is important, else your blog voice will sound like just any other blog. So, what happens when you combine storytelling with searcher intent? Well, your blog’s power grow double-times.

Keywords researching is first thing you need to do to create an optimal foundation for our blog. You can target super long-tail keywords, long-tail keywords, and keywords from searcher’s intent. Using long-tail keywords will help in setting up initial focus on and boost ranking as well. There is plethora of SEO’s who ignore long-tail keywords but depending on what outcome you want; you can use these keywords. Whenever your client is planning to launch a new service/ product – ensure that you use this information to make your blog topics.

Using information about upcoming promotions you can start seeding audience about it. Making a blog is perfect way to do it. You have to generate a list of topics about ROI service/products, promotions, and new launches. It is recommended to use platform like Quora and Reddit, although you can use Facebook and Instagram as well. And, lastly, you can always take some extra information from Google. Next, you need to do a competitive search, look at competitor’s ranking and use keyword tools like SEMrush.

Blog writing begins with effective storytelling element, that is why traditional writers require training for SEO-based writing. You can make story-line different from one blog to another.

Step 2: Focus on USP Tactics

Once you get your grip on storytelling tactics, next it is time to focus on what will make your product/service stand out from endless noises. It is essential to know your niche; it will help you focus on your selling position. While making a SEO strategy make sure to be specific so that your USP stands out naturally. In today’s competitive market you cannot rely on simply one USP, for example, 100% guarantee or quick delivery because everyone else is doing just same.

Try to build user case around your USP, that will give you something unique to write upon. For example, what is best product/service that can be used for educational purposes? What your technicians can fix? Bring out something unique and exploit it using your blogging efforts. You can also blog about top quality of service, OEM, aftermarket part, etc. Your strategy will help you to become strong valuable source, many people will initially focus on their ‘top of mind’ search but soon they will be reading your blog completely. This will help you to build brand authority. So, ensure you keep two things in your SEO strategy, one, storytelling and second, USP.

Step 3: Blend In Sales Tactics

Keeping two blog strategy tactics, i.e. storytelling and USP, you can create a content calendar. Next, you need to plan your sales, it is essential. Blogger work near to sales team. It is crucial to understand business true audience. First, you need to understand ‘sales funnel’. Here is a recommended book to learn about sale named “Smash The Funnel: The Cyclonic Buyer Journey”. In this book, you will read about eight “cyclones” present in customer-centric model.

  • Pre-awareness
  • Awareness
  • Education
  • Consideration
  • Evaluation
  • Rationalization
  • Decision-Making
  • Ongoing Delivery

Pro-tip: You must keep your goal to educate audience in various cyclones

So, when you write a blog ensure that: –

  • 50% written for new customers: First things first, new customers are just beginning to learn about your business/products/service. Therefore, it is essential to feed all the valuable information that require to purchase your product/service. You need to stay patient with new customers.
  • 25% For Semi-old: Intermediate customers are educated, but they might seek peculiar information. You must ensure that you provide them with more expert-level information and open doors to potential clients.
  • 25% For Pro’s: Experts seek extremely knowledgeable content. They are reader who prefers only expert opinion. They always look for optimal partner to work with.

There is plethora of variety of advantages when it comes to adding value in each cyclone. Remember sometimes your strategy/tactic might not work. But, with proper nurturing and care, you can easily create more value for your customers.

Wrapping Up

Content is king. Content creation is for everyone, in other words, everyone can create content. Blogs are pillar of main focus in content marketing. Your blog is destined to be successful if you have: –

  • Strong SEO
  • Qualified Keywords
  • Newsletter content
  • Fuel for social media
  • Quality links

Use aforementioned tactics to create your blog strategies for different clients. Regardless of situation, using these three tactics in your blog strategy will work. Creating an optimum blog strategy is a lifelong process and it is cyclical.