US Election 2020: Trump And Biden Deflected Crucial Questions In Meet-The-Voter TV Event

In a recent update on US Election 2020, Mr. President Donald Trump and Joe Biden deflected key questions.

Mr. President additionally declined to answer questions on the online conspiracy. On the other hand, Mr. Biden also refused to share his plans for the high court.

Certainly, both candidates have reached a common point. They both played defensive in the meeting. Mr. Trump is facing a range of issues, and Joe Biden is not far behind in the race.

Moreover, in the opinion polls, Mr. Biden strongly leads over Mr. President. As in other states, the polling is still very close.

Today 18 million people and more have already given their vote either in person or by post. The US Election 2020 scheduled for November 3, 2020.


Trump In Florida
Trump In Florida

In a night town hall meeting, arranged for TV voter questions-and-answer was unattended by Mr. Trump. Additionally, he refused to join that showdown virtually. Later, he went for his COVID-19 diagnosis, and now fully recovered.

Key Moment

In a primetime event hosted by NBC in Miami, Florida – Mr. President was also asked about QAnon conspiracy theory. In short! the conspiracy theory follower believe that Mr. Trump is part of a network of elites, and involved in Satanic plots as well as child trafficking.

When asked by the moderator Savannah Guthrie, he said – he doesn’t know anything about QAnon.

Mr. Guthrie adds that the group is one of the most dangerous groups and it poses a terrorist threat. This group is also under the FBI radar.

Furthermore, Mr. President shared that he doesn’t know anything about it. Certainly, he knows that the group fights hard against pedophilia.

Next, Mr. Trump backfired on Antifa, a movement of mainly far-left activists. The group also blamed by the US Department of Justice for causing civil disorder in cities.

Joe Biden at ABC
Joe Biden at ABC

In other news, Mr. Biden ducked a question on the issue of court-packing. This talk leads to an argument on whether he is planning to tamper with the judiciary. To which Mr. Biden said that is not a fan of court-packing.

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