US Election 2020 Updates: McConnell Promise A Smooth And Orderly Transition Of Power 

US Elections 2020
us elections 2020

In recent news, Republican leader Mitch McConnell shares a promise on “orderly” post-election transition. Firstly, the President questioned the integrity of the process. Today, Top US senator said, regardless of who wins, there would be a peaceful inauguration on 20th January.

Donald Trump refused to commit to this. Additionally, shares “we’ll have to see what happens”.


In short! he has cast doubt of postal voting. On the other hand, election officials insist it is perfectly safe. Currently, The President is trailing his challenger Joe Biden. In US Presidential Election 2020 many Americans that usually will be voting. Even Snoop Dog would be casting his vote.

Donald Trump raised questions on the security of the mail-in ballot system. Moreover, if Trump refuses to accept the results, then it would take the whole country into unknown territories.

Furthermore, Biden suggests that should this unforeseen thing happen. The military could remove Trump from the White House.

Republican Says

McConnell Tweets: “The Winner of November 3rd Election would be inaugurated on January 20th, 2021”

“There will be an orderly transition” “Just as there have been every four years since 1792”

All Republicans including Senator Lindsey Graham promised a safe and fair election.

“I can assure you it will be peaceful” and also suggested a decision could go to the nation’s top court. Additionally – “If Republicans lose we will accept the results”

“If supreme court rules in favor of Biden, I will accept the results”

Trump Says

Thursday, Donald Trump again cast doubt of election integrity. Adding that he is not sure it could be “honest”. He claims postal ballots as a “whole big scam”.

Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany says Mr. Trump “Will accept the results of a free and fair election”.

Wednesday Evening

Donald Trump sparked a controversy when he was asked by a reporter if he would go with a peaceful transfer of power.