US President Elections: Donald Trump Vs. Joe Biden

US President Election 2020
the US presidential election 2020
US President Elections 2020 Updates.
(Accepting the Republican Party’s nomination)
President Trump said, he was the only thing standing between “Democracy and the mob”. He lashed out on a group of protesters who accosted his support. Sowing fear about what is coming next of Joe Biden’s victory to battleground state voters.
(In a rally held at New Hampshire, Friday evening)
Trump launched an aggressive travel schedule to close a democratic rival’s lead.
Moreover, he also launched an attack on Indian-Origin senator Kamala Harris. He added she is “not competent” for the US President Elections.
Furthermore, he addressed supporters at the Republican Campaign rally in New Hampshire on Friday. He adds, he would support seeing a female president in the US but suggested that his daughter and Ivana Trump would be a better candidate for such a role.
Harris is 55 years old and was a presidential aspirant until last year. Then she dropped off because of a lack of popular support. Now Harris is returning to political limelight after Joe Biden.

Trump Visit To Kenosha Strokes Tension

Tuesday, President Trump will travel to Kenosha, Wisconsin amid fury over the police shooting of Jacob Blake in the back. This incident left 29-years old Black man paralyzed. Visiting Kenosha is certain to exacerbate tension in the city. The City encountered about 1000 demonstrators gathered outside a courthouse last Saturday.
Joe Biden promises he won’t’ use the military as a ‘prop’
On Saturday, Joe Biden said that as a president, he would never use the military “as a prop or private militia”. On the other hand, he also accused President Donald Trump of employing US forces to settle “personal vendetta” and violate civil rights.
(In a virtual address to the National Guard Association of the United States general conference)
Trump recommended “that you should deploy to quote,’ dominate’, your fellow citizen.
“We’re so much better than this,” Biden said. “You deserve so much better.”