Want To Have A Stress-Free Life? Follow These Simple Steps.

Stress-Free Life

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]liminating stress in life is easy and simple. No, you don’t have to quite food, entertainment, social media, or talking to your neighbours to live a stress-free life. Believe it or not! most of stress is self-created, so, when you know what triggers it, you can take it out.

Keep reading and know about living a stress-free living: –

  1. Avoid Overanalysing: – First one first, today it is easy to spend time on researching on world events. And, creating worst-case scenarios comes naturally. Many people tend to cultivate negative habit of overanalysing because of two reasons.
    a. Because you know worst-case scenarios.
    b. And, because you know worst-case scenarios, you are going to do everything in
    your control to stop it.
    Due to these two reasons, we have job like professional risk assessors. Avoid making feel bad because of things you cannot control. Instead, get up every morning and embrace the freshness of present moment. Do what you make you feel lighter.
  2. Other People’s Problem: Next, please remember that other people problem is not
    your problem. Leverage this knowledge to create a stress-free life. When you take on other people problem’s, you become a dweller. In other words, you always dwell in problems and try to find solutions for issues. Scientifically it is called ‘enabling’- where you take up other people’s responsibilities, hence disallowing them from their personal responsibilities. For some people, this is like a drug addiction. In order to be gentler and kind, they have to work on other people’s problems. Since other people problem never gets over, an enabler never really enjoy satisfaction.
  3. The Power Of Now: STOP! You cannot change past, and future is yet to happen. Becoming grounded in present moment can change your feeling and mood instantly. Here are two questions to ask when you think about it.
    a. What does fear feels like when it is in your body, or, when you are fearful?
    b. What is that one thing you are constantly afraid of?
    When you don’t know about answer to these questions, it is common to become
    dweller. Then either you are in past or procrastinating about future. Staying in past or future have negative impact on your emotions and feelings. Instead of past and future choose present. Because present is a gift.
  4. Focus: We live in a world that is constantly changing. The ever-increasing number of options can confuse you. In other words, it is easy to focus on thing you don’t have. Avoid focusing on things you don’t have instead focus on this that are immensely present in your life. Remember the blue sky.
  5. Choose Your Friends: You are some of the top five people you surround yourself with. Take a moment and reflect on people you have around you. Do they have same goals as yours? Do they have a plan to move forward? Do they keep you happy?How many people in your life are there to keep you happy? If you want to become a happier and better person then avoid surrounding yourself with people who are depressed. Hang out with people who share your interest and have same goals.
  6. Career and Job: One of biggest stress in millennials or modern people is that the jobs they are into. If you have a job that you see no future with then perhaps it is time to switch. When you spend 40-50 hours a week doing things you don’t like – it can negatively impact you. People who don’t like their job often develop issues, such as, insomnia, stress, and extreme mood swing, etc.
  7. Practice Mindfulness: In philosophy of stoics it says that you must avoid becoming a busy bodied person. Busyness is like addiction. Slowly and steadily it can become terrifying. Many people believe that they feel good if they are busy, but often they are distracting themselves from their feeling. Remember your feelings are your true reality. Once you stop giving work to people who won’t stay busy always – they might develop withdrawal symptoms similar to like heroin addicts.
  8. Anger And Grudges: Sometime people spend their whole life holding onto past grudges and anger. Luckily you don’t have to follow same story. Believe it or not! energy of anger can slowly eat away your soul, body, and mind. One day no longer there will be people supporting you. Anger makes individuals cause violence.
  9. Living In Past: It’s natural, whenever you face any tough situation, you always compare it from your past. Other times, it can be fun to recall funny moments of life. But, be careful when putting on past-colored glasses, you can’t truly experience present if you always ‘’feel’’ that past was good. Remember, future is brighter than you think. You deserve better things in life.
  10. Avoid Complaining: In your life, you will meet two kinds of people, one who will like you, and others who won’t. Stop convincing people who cannot be convinced. Instead, move out and stop complaining. One of great benefits of being human is that you can experience good things.
  11. Weakness VS. Strength: World is full of competition, and everyone just wants to look better, live better, and be better. Often people who want to achieve more, get more because they never stop counting on their strengths. We all have weaknesses and strengths; we all have a white wolf and black wolf in a battle within us. Who will win? Well, it all depends on who you want to win.

Are you living other people’s lives?

Imagine how it feels like to be earning for thing you don’t even like? Perhaps earning just because to impress another person. When it comes to relationship, many people become sacrificial and live other people’s life. Some people do it because of fear while others do it because they won’t take a leap of faith. Avoid living life as per another person’s rules.

Wrapping Up

The magic begins from you. When you become relaxed and stress-free then miracles begin to happen. Your life slows down, and you stop wishing that weekend would be here. You nourish each moment of life and start feeling like a human being once again. When you become stress-free you ride the wave of life with joy and happiness.