[dropcap]T[/dropcap]raveling is fun, full of activities and when you travel abroad, there is quite a lot of things that demand your attention. Starting from understanding customs to restriction and many other things, for example, pet policy. Keep reading to find out what you need to know including tips and tricks to make your travel more comfortable and luxurious.


First things first, research about European tour packages with airfare to start your holiday, make sure to go for cheapest price tickets. There is plethora of ways to do so, you can visit online portal or reach out to local vendor that can book Air Tickets for you.


Next, while on holiday, it is essential to keep an eye for safety, though it is unlikely that anything will happen but here are few things to look out for –

  • Go for travel insurance; it will help you get out of trouble time easily.
  • Click picture of your documents.
  • Leave a copy of all your documents with friends or family.
  • Check for your stay and other travel routines.


Different countries have different policies; it is essential to familiarize yourself with custom and restriction before you go. Typically, you cannot carry –

  • Precious metal
  • Currency
  • Ivory Jewellery
  • Animal Skin
  • Electronics
  • Untreated wooden products
  • Precious Stones
  • Antiques and other items
  • Certain medications.

Note: All traveler must abide by rules and regulations


It is so important to check for pet policy with the embassy of country to which you are traveling before you take your pet. In a lot of countries, there is restriction on bringing in pets. Otherwise many countries allow pet to be on board as same as a passenger. Your pet would require a ticket as same as you and will fly in special carrier zone.


It is essential to keep a check on your health before you make a travel. Make sure you visit your doctor for potential health precautions. If you use some medication then it is highly recommended to carry your own stock on travel. Try to avoid relying on local sources, because the place you are traveling to might not have same medicines.


You can save a lot of time at airport. While you are on around the world tour in 2024 keep in mind to apply for pre-approved clearance. You can apply for pre-approved clearance at more than 42 different airports. Here is list of 9 countries that supports pre-approved clearance.

  • United Kingdom
  • Peru
  • Brazil
  • South Korea
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Panama
  • Mexico
  • Netherland

There is quite a lot of benefits when it comes to pre-approved entry. For starters, it saves your time and effort.

Also, you need to be eligible for the same for example: –

  • You should not have any criminal record
  • You should not have any violation of customs
  • You should not have any ongoing investigation


Certain groups must take additional precaution while traveling, for example-

  • Students: When traveling, students, college, students need to be aware of laws and regulations of countries they are traveling. Students need to make sure to enjoy safe trips and avoid public drinking, underage drinking, and other factors.
  • Specially-Able: Almost every airport, and public transport and other facilities have special accommodation for disabled people. It is essential plan forward.


As rules and regulations differ from one country to another same is with entry-level requirements. Many places might accept your entry with the only passport while others may require a visa along with it. Make sure to carry complete and correct documents while traveling.


You might require a visa as well; you can obtain from relevant foreign consular representative. It is highly recommended to allow plenty of time to process of visa. Once you receive it to make sure to check of any mistakes.


You can assist to get world tour package costs to booking a special wheelchair to travel with specially-abled people. You can also take assistance in financial planning.


The major part of traveling is fun while planning to travel you can follow 80/20 rule, make sure you have 80% fun by preparing completely about 20% of paper-work and other things. It is only 20% of unprepared things that make trouble while traveling, so make sure to be aware of it and plan for it pro-actively.