Online Dating

dating[dropcap]T[/dropcap]o be honest, online dating is one of powerful invention in the world. Imagine that! You can now easily date anyone online irrespective of your academic score, income, or religion. If there is someone you like on dating application or online dating portals – then you can simply move forward smoothly and drop a message without any hesitation. With little luck and common abilities, you can meet a person who you can look forward to and begin your journey on your love life.

On other hand, there is quite a lot of people who feel that online dating service never works for them. In reality if you want to want to win the game of dating in year 2020 then all you need to do is follow some non-frustrating and easy conversation rituals. By the end of this guide you will be able to hit your target without any hassle.
However, you must know that every online dating experience is unique. So, make sure to not to judge any experience.


Believe it or not! Everything related to online dating or finding your date online boils down to your profile picture. A picture speaks 1000 words, in this case your main profile picture should be attractive and catchy. Moreover, make sure that you list of opening messages, but the single more key factor in online dating is how someone respond to your profile picture.

In online dating, your profile picture is the first thing they will see no surprise there! Next, it is your opening message’s content – it will determine where your conversation will flow’s. Make sure to keep your conversation intellectual and funny at same time. Remember you don’t have to all serious about dating, it is fun to date other person so make sure to keep it that way. Many times, you will face that no one is responding to your profile. Perhaps then it is time to change your profile picture.


Your online dating profile will give you only limited character to describe yourself so make sure to make the most out of it. It is highly recommended to keep your bio short and it should convey your sincerity and vulnerability. Try not to write BIG about yourself remember it is not CV that you are filling in. Moreover, being vulnerable will help you
to open yourself up without fearing rejection. Perhaps it is time of accept your inner nerd. Maybe you are not that good looking but you might have a good sense of humor. In a nutshell, words can help and can reveal your true feelings. Try not be type in like a crazy person unless you really want to attract crazy people of course.


In the art of online dating your first message counts the most. Once you have sorted your profile and upload decent pictures – now you can all set to send you first message. It is highly recommended to not to send out message blindly. In other words, you have to tailor the message to achieve your goals. Everyone love compliment likewise no one like to be teased. Make sure to send your message with regards and try not to be overly flirtatious. It is essential to stick to non-sexual compliments.

You can rely on your common sense to make out conversation longer. The key is to not to overwhelm your date before you actually meet him/her. One of the best times to send message is during Sunday afternoon.


  1. Location: First things first, choose an open-air location preferably some place where you feel comfortable.
  2. Act: Next, you can act like its second date already, the idea is to chat like a good friend.
  3. Build Rapport: Perhaps this is all you have to do on your first date. If you have not yet learned on to build rapport – then it is a good time to start.
  4. Dating Experience: It is a green! You can go ahead and talk about your online dating experience.
  5. Use common sense: Last but not least, don’t ask for second date just state that you would like to see them again.


Finally, here is some key points to remember. Meeting someone online is one of the safest methods to date. But, meeting same person in real can be a very different experience even if you have been together online for a long time. While meeting in online dating make sure to be humble and keep a smiling face.