Your Ultimate Guide To Bluehost Web Hosting Including Top Features


[dropcap]B[/dropcap] eing top-recommended hosting by, featuring 1-click installation– Bluehost is definitely for you. This company is founded by Matt Heaton and Danny Ash worth in Provo, Utah. Today, the best WordPress Website Hosting service offer enlisted Five main types of hosting plans:

One of the suitable and best recommended hosting services from aforementioned list is Shared Hosting. The Bluehost hosting for WordPress is ideal for most beginners and small businesses. Otherwise, you can also go for Dedicated Hosting. In other words, you will be renting a physical server. The VPS hosting is the middle ground option that allows you to share a physical server with other.

Shared Hosting

  1. Basic: Hurry! Price Slashed on this plan. Get it now for $3.95/month only.
  2. Plus: You can subscribe to this plan for $5.45/month and get unlimited domains
  3. Choice Plus: Meet the standard today, it is the most recommended plan with unlimited domain for sure, and along with Domain Privacy + Protections as well. This plan is also for $5.95/month.
  4. Pro: You can also choose a pro plan if you also need Dedicated IP with everything else. Go for this plan, it is only for $13.95/month.

Bluehost pricing makes it sure that all package stays well in reach to common customers. In other words, they are the best prices to get a fastest WordPress Hosting. But this is not it, there are a plethora of other features as well and you can find it here.

Let’s check the other hosting options that you have

VPS Hosting

  1. Standard: You can save big on this plan, subscribe to this one for $19.99/month.
  2. Enhanced: Watch out for this one, it will give up 4GB RAM with 2 IP Address is $29.99/month. It is highly recommended plan.
  3. Ultimate: This plan is for $59.99/month and offers 8GB RAM with 3 TB Bandwidth.

These Prices Are In-Lined With Industry Rates.


Dedicated Hosting

  1. Standard: You have to pay $79.99/month for this plane and it will give your 4 Cores @ 2.3Ghz.
  2. Enhanced: Take advantage of One-day-sale on this plan. Now you only have to pay $99.99/month for this one. It is a real value for price pack and a highly recommended one from experts.
  3. Premium: Take a giant step and secure 16GB RAM With massive 5 IP Address for only $199.99/month.

Features And Advantage Of Bluehost

Before choosing a plan, it is suggested to read more on variety of features offered by the service providers. Whether you choose Bluehost cloud hosting or any other hosting, for example, WP Engine, etc, it is highly recommended to look-out for these advantages.

  1. Server Uptime: First things first, your reliable WordPress Hosting server must have an incredible uptime. Proportion of time that your site is online must be near 99%. Remember, this point is here for a reason as many hosting providing services would advertise about their 99% up time, but end up giving much less. Fortunately, Bluehost is a tried and test service provider with a 99.99% up time rate. One reason why up time matters so much is that you run a risk of losing revenue with every second of downtime.
  2. Server Speed:Would you like to see your website open within milliseconds or seconds? There is no benefit in choosing a standard plan and compromise on server speed. In other words, fast server speed matters make sure to have a very fast loading speed on your website. You can take VPS or dedicated plan to make that your website does not suffer from slow speed. No one likes a slow-running website.
  3. Backup:One of the most overlooked aspects of running a website is daily backups. So, usually, it is not something that comes to mind while hosting a website of course until it is too late. In today, fast-paced changing environment getting automated backup can solve your hundreds if not thousands of issues. Make sure
    that you have at least basic backup plan on your website. So, in case anything goes wrong with your website then you can easily restore your site from previous version.
  4. Beginner Friendly:Last but not least, believe it or not! But you don’t want to end up with a complex hosting or website builder. When you have so much simpler than it only makes sense to choose fastest and beginner-friendly WordPress Hosting service. One of unique feature of Bluehost Web Hosting Service is that you can customize it as per your very own preference. How cool is that!

Wrapping Up

While choosing Bluehost cloud hosting make sure that you stay flexible and scale your requirements correctly. Whether you go for a basic plan or standard plan make sure it is as per your preference and gives you complete Bluehost hosting service and support.