Youtube Announced To Test Latest TikTok Rival Beta Version In India

youtube shorts news
youtube shorts news

In recent news, the famous platform YouTube announced to test a new Tiktok rival. Firstly, YouTube Short will limit video to 15 seconds. Certainly, the platform will feature creators tools similar to TikTok. 

Moreover, India banned TikTok and other Chinese applications in June. When the border tension rose between the two countries, both PUBG and TikTok faced the ban. 


For TikTok, India was the biggest foreign market. Furthermore, It is estimated that more than 120 million users were on the TikTok platform. 

Youtube will face local competition who rushed to fill in the demand after the Tiktok ban in India. 

Chris Jaffe, YouTube Vice President says “For creators and artists who want to shoot short, catchy video using nothing but their mobile phones”. 

The latest Youtube Shorts platform features a multi-segment camera. You can string multiple video clips together, speed controls, record hands-free, and much more. Shorts also gives users an option to record music as well as access to a library of songs. 

In quick! YouTube Shorts would be expanded to other marketing. The product refined for the new generation of creators. 

YouTube Shorts: How It’s Going To Work?

Follow these steps to check if you have access to Shorts Camera and how to use the feature: 

  1. Tap on the “+” icon( video camera icon on iOS) to check if you have access to the shorts camera. 
  2. Select ‘video’ and if you see ‘create a short video’ then you have the access to use Short’s Camera.

Even in case, you don’t have access to a shorts camera, still you can upload videos. In other words, make any vertical video clip up to 60 seconds. That will be uploaded to Youtube. 

YouTube’s latest product released as US tech firm Oracle confirmed that TikTok’s owner is ByteDance. They formally proposed to become a “Trusted technology partner” in the US.