Super Mario Odyssey Game Online – A Perfect Guide For 2023

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is undeniably one of the best Mario games ever made, with a beautiful mix of artistic design, gameplay, and nostalgia.

Super Mario Odyssey is expansive in terms of its importance and scope. And that’s why even today, it is one of the fundamental reasons that keep Nintendo a groundbreaker in the gaming industry and Mario, an addictive game for players worldwide.

In today’s blog post, we will discover why after so many years, Super Mario Odyssey remains the best Mario game, and you should download Super Mario Odyssey. Let’s dive headfirst into the topic. 

  • It’s a Pleasure for the Eyes and the Ears.

I’m sure you have heard Nintendo criticized for underestimating the system’s capabilities. The Wii U was weaker than the PS4 and the Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch was just as powerful as the Wii U.

However, even if these consoles lack power, Nintendo makes up for it in its design. Super Mario Odyssey is not only a beautiful game but also a polished one. Everything here crafts for perfection, from the fantastic soundtrack to the ridiculously varied world design. It remains colorful, vibrant, and exciting from start to finish.

  • It Perfectly Nails the Nostalgia.

Unlike previous Mario games, Odyssey is true to its roots. The controls are exactly what you’ll remember from Mario 64, and everything down to the triple jump times has still been satisfying. 

You will still bounce at enemies and destroy them, and you will still collect coins like crazy. There are moments where you’re still fighting enemies with 2D Mario, which started 30 years ago. Just remember one thing, watch out for the green drain pipe.

  • More Eye-Catching Graphics Than Its Predecessor

As Super Mario Odyssey came out more than 20 years after Super Mario 64, graphics have come a long way. Each level gets filled with tons of detail. Design-wise, Super Mario Odyssey couldn’t be more impressive. 

For instance, we can take Bowser’s Castle. The kingdom’s size is enormous, and it is something you can play over and over again. The graphics have become more realistic, making the game more exciting and adventurous. We will remember Super Mario Odyssey’s graphics for years to come.

We are sure that the Super Mario Odyssey 2 will come with even better graphic design in the future. 

  • Adventure Lurks Behind Every Corner.

Super Mario Odyssey is a handcrafted 3D platformer that begs for exploration. Aside from its contemporaries like Zelda, The Witcher 3, and a few other games, only a few have inspired such relentless exploration. 

These expeditions are mainly applicable for finding Power Moons and Coins, but they always feel exciting. Each month gets manually placed in an interesting place. You have to look over the railings and go around barely perceptible corners. The game continues to ask you to take a closer look. And wherever you go, it leads to something. 

While playing this game, every gamer is filled with constant awe and encouragement to discover each secret. All the more so because you know there’s so much more to discover.

  • The Portability of the Game Is Both Unique and Beneficial.

Although the credit for the portability advantage is on the console itself, there’s nothing better than starting a game on the way home from the subway, then plugging in a Switch and continuing to play on the big screen.

Though always having a full Mario game like Odyssey on hand is risky, players expect to play it for quite some time when each world has 30 to 50 collectible moons. So it’s worth trying a challenge or two during breakfast or after coffee. 

  • Hat’s Off to the Creativity.

With all the secrets and great graphics, Super Mario Odyssey offers almost unparalleled creativity. Each new world is full of activities, many of which are unique. For example, to move from platform to platform, let’s look at a section where you must zip up your hat and Cappie and then unzip part of the wall to form a bridge. 

Then there are several sections where Mario has to enter a 2D plane and progress through the levels as if it were the original Super Mario Bros. Or the myriad of different creatures that Mario can possess and transform, all thanks to Cappie’s powers. Alternatively, you can perform many actions, from spinning lid attacks that Mario can perform with the Joy-Cons’ various motion controls to guided lid attacks, tossing up and down, and more. Highly skilled players will undoubtedly find many surprising move combinations.

Wrapping Up

To conclude, to break the impact of Super Mario Odyssey on the gaming industry, Super Mario Odyssey 2 must be much more intelligent and developed. The bar Super Mario Odyssey has set for all future Mario games is so high that some players even doubt they could be as enjoyable as this one. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead for a quick Super Mario Odyssey download if you have yet to try it.