Ultimate 10 Rules To Follow For Choosing Women Accessories

All those glossy magazines you see online and in paperback edition teach users about latest fashion trends. You can check-out any magazine and then go for shopping. But rarely any magazine will tell you about secret of combining accessories and clothing. Keep reading and you will find out hidden secrets of making best of your women accessories collection.

Let’s go…

  1. Large Accessories: First things first, you can combine large accessories with almost any outfit. Avoid wearing more than 3-4 large accessories at once. Ensure that each item matches others in terms of color, and style.
  2. Bulky Scarf: Avoid hiding you color underneath a large scarf. If your coat has a big color, then wear light kerchief underneath your outer layer.
  3. Matching Jewellery: Here is a rule of thumb to follow – since some people argue about earning beads, earrings, and bracelets at from one set. While choosing everything from one set, including ring ensure that all items are small in size. Weaning jewellery set with small items will make your look super elegant.
  4. Handbag Vs. Shoes: When it comes to selecting a bag, forget about rules that state that your handbag color must match your shoes. It is not compulsory. When you wear very bright color shoes, then it is much better to have a handbag of contrasting color perhaps a light tone.
  5. Priorities: It is highly recommended to work on your style to achieve desired effect. You can simply either make your clothing, makeup, or clothing – eye- catching part. Avoid making it all same. Combining puffy color with enormous diamonds might give you’re an absurd look.
  6. Wearing Watches: Yes! Wristwatch only works well for almost every style, but avoid combining a watch with evening gown.
  7. Large Rings: Thick rings look cool but not on everyone. If you have short fingers then try things once. Wearing thin rings will visually increase length of your figures.
  8. Gloves: One of quickest ways to select right color for gloves is by looking at color of your shoes. You can also match them with color of your belt or lipstick. Follow rule of thumb here and combine color of your gloves harmoniously with one other feature of your outfit.
  9. Black Footwear: While wearing pastel color clothing avoid wearing dark color footwear. Try lighter shade and you won’t feel disappointed.
  10. Cultural Accessories: Last but not least, while choosing accessories that have a lot of beads, and threads then wear them using neutral-colored clothing.

Wrapping Up

We love dressing up and possibly have an obsession with two for matching jewellery. You can be glamorous style personality and you can flaunt it even more by matching best women accessories together with outfits. Learning how military accessories will help you to make your own style statement.

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